WHATS NEW - Livestock Trailer

Livestock cartage purpose built stock transport trailer

We have been told that it really involves Hardyards when it comes to moving those small numbers of livestock 

Only have 2 to 5 larger cattle beasts, or more smaller animals including calves, sheep, goats, alpacas ?

Have limited yard or loading ramp facilities ?

Limited access for a stock truck ?


We have the stock transporter for you.

Check out our newest arrival to the fleet. A steel livestock transport trailer. It has a sliding tail gate for loading off the loading race, a walk up ramp for situations without a ready made ramp or the whole back gate can open - excellent for unloading straight into the paddock.

The main crate has a dividing gate to secure smaller animals or small numbers without them having the free range of the entire trailer area for safer transport. Trailer roof can be covered with a tarp to increase the darkness for travelling and reduce the wind/rain chill factor. Sides are well ventilated to ensure stock don't overheat

Tows comfortably behind our 4x4 ute and has electronic braking system to safely deliver your precious animals in as stress free manner as possible. 

Livestock transport trailer rear opening gate for easy paddock unloading
Stock transport trailer with sliding ramp for loading ramp access
Livestock small lot cartage trailer with built in ramp
Steel animal trailer specialising in small lots with loading ramp access
Small lot livestock transport trailer ani,mals can be seperated by internal gate
livestock trailer towed behind 4x4 ute

If you need your cattle, calves, heifers; sheep or goats or even alpacas shifted from one property to another - give us a call for a quote.

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We have the equipment, skills and knowledge to keep your lifestyle property paddocks looking great with our new Stander mower and ATV fertilising or spraying. We can look after your other maintenance requirements just ask. We are Redwood Valley locals so know the local weather and conditions.

Hardyardsnelson are your local potable, household drinking water delivery experts. We deliver to Nelson Tasman regions including Nelson city, Richmond, Motueka, Wakefield, Tapawera, Takaka/Golden Bay and Murchison. We are a bulk water carrier, carrying 13,000 litres. We can also take care your lifestyle property maintenance service requirements, including but not limited to spraying, mowing and fertiliser services. Don't forget that we can move your livestock from property to property.