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Mower steep terrain gorse, broom long grass

Hardyards is our name and that's what we do

Mowing is one of those tasks that requires specialised equipment to do it well and safely. A new addition to our fleet is going to help, it will definitely get attention and turn heads. Its our dual wheel Wright Stander mower. With a cutting deck of 72" or 1.82m and being zero turn, we can get into all the tight spaces against fence lines and around trees. It is also incredibly safe for the operator because they are not strapped in like a ride on mower.

Our new Stander mower is already turning heads and getting plenty of use. Have a look at the photos and videos below and on the Gallery page. Dont forget you can also check out our FaceBook page - click on the link at the top of the page or see Hardyards Nelson 


Wright stander mower large cutting deck

This big grunty mower can keep your property looking awesome as we can top paddocks, mow vineyards and orchards or deal to the rushes, broom and gorse. There are not too many of these units around, but we feel it will be a valuable addition enabling us to provide an even better mowing service. We suspect this machine will be busy.

Feel free to make an enquiry or check out this impressive machine on our Facebook site.

We also offer a weed control service which can be ideal compliment to the mowing as a selective herbicide spray prior to or post mowing. Check out our Property Services Spraying page.

We have the equipment, skills and knowledge to keep your lifestyle property paddocks looking great with our new Stander mower and ATV fertilising or spraying. We can look after your other maintenance requirements just ask. We are located in the heart of Redwood Valley, Moutere and Mahana so know the local weather and conditions.

You will be surprised what can be achieved with a relatively small investment however the results you see will be tangible

If you are time poor and own a lifestyle block that demands a significant portion of that time in its maintenance, then we have the answer for you.

We look after people that don't have the time or the equipment to get the most out of their Lifestyle Blocks and pastures. 

  • You could spend your money purchasing and maintaining specialist equipment to mow, spray, or fertilise your lifestyle block. 

  • You could spend your time using this equipment a few times a year.

  • You could try and deal with the hassle of trying to do the job yourself 


You could save the hassle and call us to sort it for you. 

We can arrange an automated monthly/yearly schedule so you never need to lift a finger but know the job will be done.

Healthy soil and pasture means healthier animals, with the ability to run more animals, it means the vines you plant are healthy, not to mention the aesthetic value of seeing a paddock/vineyard/orchard of grass, not weeds. Soil fertility is about the capacity of the soil to provide nutrients to growing plants of the right kind in the right proportion at the right rate. We can offer you fertiliser and biological activators to increase the microbe activity in your soils and put life back into them.

Hardyardsnelson are your local potable, household drinking water delivery experts. We deliver to Nelson Tasman regions including Nelson city, Richmond, Motueka, Wakefield, Tapawera, Takaka/Golden Bay and Murchison. We are a bulk water carrier, carrying 13,000 litres. We can also take care your lifestyle property maintenance service requirements, including but not limited to spraying, mowing and fertiliser services. Don't forget we can also deliver your livestock from property to property

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